Con Struere (together to build)

Con struere
WELMONT is pleased to present con struere, a group show featuring the work of Harrison Deller, Cassandra Hart, Makenzie Kurz, and Alexandra Nordin, November 11th-12th, 2016. The opening reception takes place on Friday, November 11th from 5:30-9pm, and an artist talk will take place on Saturday November 12th from 11-12:30pm. both are free and open to the public.con struere (together to build) is an exploration of the concepts of construction, destruction, reconstruction, and deconstruction. In this group show, artists Cassandra Hart, Alexandra Nordin, Harrison Deller, and Makenzie Kurz reflect on the natural environment and the human psyche in terms of physical and metaphorical “Struere”.
“Struere”, meaning “to build”, is the Latin root of the words which are essential to each artist’s work. Hart constructs landscapes as they exist in the atmosphere of a particular moment using collage. She employs the physical action of ripping and arranging paper to transform ephemeral  moments into a tactile experience. Nordin critically evaluates the intentional destruction of the natural environment and disregard for human life which exists in post-industrial America. Her works employ transparency and layering of color, glass, and resin into objects which combine painting and sculpture. Deller works in a variety of media to present a contemplation on the nature of the human condition in the midst of disaster. The works presented vary from paintings on canvas to individual objects assembled to form an installation. Kurz’ deconstructs the human sensory experience of, and connection to, water. She breaks this experience down into its most essential elements to form a comprehensive study of human psychology by combining the figure with abstracted landscapes.
In con struere, Hart, Nordin, Kurz, and Deller engage in a multifaceted investigation into the concept of “Struere” as a method by which to study, understand, and represent the natural world and, by extension, the human experience of the natural world.
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